Slide show: Types of psoriasis (psoriasis pictures)

Plaque psoriasis, the most common form of psoriasis, causes dry, raised skin patches (plaques) covered with gray or silver scales. It may look different depending on your skin color, ranging from pink on white skin to brown or gray on brown or Black skin.

You may have just a few plaques or many. After the plaques clear up, the affected skin might temporarily be lighter (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation) than usual.

Your psoriasis may improve with certain lifestyle measures, such as:

  • Taking daily baths
  • Applying nonprescription cortisone cream and heavy, ointment-based moisturizer
  • Learning to identify and avoiding personal triggers of psoriasis, such as stress
  • Avoiding smoking

Moderate or severe cases may require light therapy, prescription steroid creams, coal tar products applied to the skin, oral or injected medications (systemic treatment), or a combination of these.

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